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Welcome to affordable Home Eye Care

We provide eye tests in Scotland which are COMPLETELY FREE to everyone and glasses where required at AFFORDABLE PRICES. (See our comparison chart below)

We realise that some people are not able to travel to their local opticians. That's where we come in, visiting you in your home providing professional and affordable eyecare.

Compare our prices with our competitors below

The Outside Clinic Our Prices
Single Vision from £49.95 from £15.00 £35 cheaper
Bifocals from £99.95 from £35.00 £65 cheaper
Varifocals from £159.95 from £45.00 £115 cheaper
High Index from £199.95 from £65.00 £135 cheaper


Eye tests can be used as a window to view peoples general health as well as a means to providing spectacles that can improve ones vision.